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Important Tips On Choosing The Appropriate Earrings Suitable For Your Face Shape

he look of any face can be improved with the right type of earrings. This article will tell you about various face shapes and earrings suitable for each face type. Well, in order to make the correct choice of the earrings that would fit your face, it's important to review the major shapes of human faces.

Round face

The major characteristic feature of a round face is its circular shape. It means that your face is as wide as it is long and as a rule has a round chin. The ideal choice for this shape of face will be earrings with long, lean, and angular curved lines as visually they can elongate a round face. This person can also wear drop earrings in ovals, dangles, and oblongs. One can also try angular stud earrings that are expected to look great on a round face. People with a round face are recommended to avoid chunky large earrings.

Oval face

The major characteristic feature of an oval face is the forehead that's wider than the chin. The hairline is tenderly rounded. Such celebrities as Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson and Beyonce Knowles have an oval face. People with an oval face will look just awesome in earrings with rather soft shapes, for instance, studs, teardrops, ovals, etc. however, people having an oval face can wear almost any design of earrings. One can experiment much changing various styles and then decide what really the best is.

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a narrow jaw-line and a wide forehead or cheekbone. It's very similar to an oval face but it's narrower below the cheekbones so that the chin looks pointed. Such stars as Reese Witherspoon, Sophie Dahl, and Scarlett Johansson have a heart-shaped face. If you also have a heart-shaped face, wear earrings with a wide bottom that will visually widen the lower part of your face. Try also earrings with a softer curve, such as ovals or teardrops. Consider pyramid style earrings that will improve the look of your face as they are wide at the bottom. But avoid heart-shaped earrings.

Diamond-shaped face

The major characteristic features of a diamond-shaped face are wide and strong forehead having a square hairline as well as an angular jaw. Diamond-shaped faces are broad at the cheeks but narrow at the forehead and chin. Among well-known people, Sophia Loren and Katherine Hepburn have a diamond-shaped face. Having a face shape like this it's advised to wear earrings that are wide, but not long, also having a straight line and curves combination. Consider also studs and small drop earrings.

Oblong face

An oblong face is similar to a square face but it's somewhat longer and not wide. People having this shape of face can wear simple studs and chandelier style earrings, but avoid angular and long earrings. Such celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Terri Hatcher, and Angelina Jolie have an oblong face.

Square face

The major characteristic features of a square face are wide and strong forehead, angular jaw and square hairline. Choose earrings with a round and angular edge in order to soften a square face. It's recommended to avoid large earrings and angular style. But choose hoops and medium to long styles. Such celebrities as Salma Hayek, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, and Geena Davis have a somewhat square face.