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Everything About Automobile Emblems, Badges and Decals

Hearing the words automobile emblems, badges and decals you may ask what the difference between them is. Some people think that they are somewhat different forms of one and the same thing. Well, maybe. In fact, after reading this article, you're expected to learn those differences and their importance.

Still, if you're reading this article, you have an automobile and you've already seen something you'd like to decorate your car with, but you don't really know which one to use. If you put anything on your automobile you should know that the auto emblems you usually choose offer a much clearer message, the one you need to recognize.

So, What's the difference?

The word emblem comes from French and Greek and means "inlaid ornamental work" (according to Etymonline.com), something like a kind of decoration. Thus, trim can't be considered a kind of automobile emblem. No matter what form it has, it's symbolic of something else.

Parquetry means the result of putting various types of wood inside of other kind of wood to decorate it. Parquetry is used in extremely expensive pieces of furniture that only wealthy people could afford it some years ago. So, its major message was that this cabinet or desk belonged to a rich person.

Somewhere in the 15th century, the term badge became a synonym for emblem, while the word decal came into usage in the early 20th century and presented a shortened version of the French word "decalcomania." The latter referred to what designers of 18th century called "transfer printing". This is the process of applying a design or drawing to an unfired plate or vase before firing in the kiln.

Well, the meanings of these terms have somewhat changed in the course of time. Roget's Thesaurus doesn't use the term decal. And the word badge, is used nowadays to identify authority by the police or the military. Rather often people use it to define a pattern of behaviour, for instance, in a "badge of honor" or a "badge of this profession."

The term emblem also conveys authority, but usually it represents a group of ideas or some creed, for instance, on a coat of arms or state flag. Any of these representations is symbolic of something important.

The Importance Of These Differences

As these differences conveyed various messages they are important. Both the driver and a passenger are associated with this message. Let's review several examples. The most harmless are automobile emblems indicating the seller of the car. This message is neutral unless the relationship with a dealer was a negative experience. But if you have a decal it will say, "Nuke 'em!" and will be extremely popular among friends, but rather offensive to other people who want the world to get rid of nuclear weapons.

What's Does Your Message Say?

Find some of your time to take a look at the symbols on your automobile. What messages do they demonstrate and what messages would you like to send with them? Does it matter to you what other people will think of you? Aren't you afraid of road rage because o